Debating Downloading Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160

Part of me wants to do this to see what and how Bendis handles this. As a lapsed reader of the Ultimate Universe, I still managed to collect 50 + issues of Ultimate Spider-Man before I quit. I enjoyed it, and I am tempted to see how this turns out.

Why not buy it in print then? A couple of reasons. The first, I did not “pull” it at my lcs so the chances of getting a copy are slim. The second is that I want to support Marvel’s day and date digital releases in hopes that they, like DC will move in that direction for their entire line.

So why is there a debate? I really don’t want to pay full retail price on a digital comic. It just isn’t the same. An example is that on Kindle when a book is released digitally and in stores, there is a tiered pricing system. For example, a new book: Before I go to Sleep: A Novel, I priced at $14.99 for the hard cover (on Amazon, the list price is $25.99) but the Kindle edition is $12.99. So, $14.99 at a 45% markdown or $25.99 retail vs. $12.99 digital. I would like to point out that the digital price is right about 50% off the retail of the physical. This is how it should be. If they want to do what DC is planning to do which is to drop the price after a month or so, then that sounds good to me. Marvel currently does not do that with it’s day and date releases. All of the Ultimate Comics Spider-Man, that has released day and date, is still priced at $3.99.

So the debate, I want to support digital, specifically MARVEL digital, but don’t want them getting the idea that a $3.99 digital book is an acceptable price point. Still in the end, I want Marvel to go digital, and the best way to do that is support it’s digital sales, so that they have incentive to release digital books. I suppose I will just have to worry about the pricing later on. In the meantime, I don’t have it in my budget to pick up USM #160 this month, so that will happen in July. Another upside to digital? They don’t sell out.